Myriam Hendrickx

Myriam joined the Rutte Distillery in 2003. She refurbished, reorganised and modernised the company, but didn’t touch the old recipes, legacy of the Rutte family going back 7 generations.

Myriam combined her knowledge with the old Rutte’s recipes as inspiration, trying to practice the same craftsmanship as Simon Rutte did, almost one and a half centuries ago; just using botanicals and fruits - nothing else. In 2011, Rutte Distillery became part of De Kuyper, a family owned business with the same values for history and craftsmanship and therefore a truly solid home for the Rutte legacy.

De Kuyper started to export the various genevers and gins, with many international awards as a result. Besides her work for Rutte and De Kuyper, Myriam gives guest lectures at hotel managements universities and courses for drinks and gastronomy. She’s part of two international spirit jury’s. In her free time she raises two daughters and is a salsa teacher.


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