Agave Spirits Panel


Carlos Londono

Co General Manager and Co Owner of Cafe Pacifico, Carlos has 20 years experience with Agave spirits. He has worked with the Mexican Embassy, Mexican Tourist Board and Mexican Chamber of Commerce; organising events such as Annual Tequila Fair and Pro Mexico’s Wine and Spirits Fair as well as Cafe Pacifico’s 10 year running Tequila Season where more than 1/4 of a million customers have been exposed to this wonderful spirit. Frequently travelling to Mexico visiting 50 tequila distelleries and 30 Mezcal Palenquerias, Carlos has also helped launch many tequila brands in the U.K in the last 20 years working in the industry alongside and under the guidance of the charming and knowledgeable Mr Tomas Estes, European Tequila Ambassador.

He has also worked as brand Ambassador for Cava de Don Agustin, Maracame and Ocho Tequila. He has judged many Tequila cocktail competitions and has collaborated with national publications on agave spirits articles such as The Times, GQ Magazine, Metro, Evening Standard and ShortList.

Carlos currently heads the agave training programs for Cafe Pacifico, the only establishment in the UK to have a certification from the Regulatory Tequila Council in Mexico, for the work on Tequila education to consumers and industry professionals in the UK. He and the Cafe Pacifico team have recently won Competition for Best Margarita in London 2017-18 and also 2018-19, as well as Best Mai Tai UK 2018.


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