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Visitor centres are the starting point for most distilleries. They can offer tourists museums, historical trails, educational sessions, seminars and tastings, gift shops, onsite restaurant and facilities. This award recognises a visitor centre that has implemented the best introduction to its operation in the production of alcoholic spirits.

This award recognises the most innovative distillery tour that offers tourists an educational and memorable experience into spirits making.

This award recognises the distillery that showcases the best explanation of the process of distilling. The winner will have demonstrated the science in an effective and easy way for consumers to understand. Entrants must provide evidence of their educational visitor presentation, as well as interesting methods of how they tell this story.

We are in search of the distillery that has created the best retail experience for its visitors and has proven results in its retail sales of its spirits brands.

This award celebrates the success of creative events produced by a distillery. These can include festivals, concerts, spirit and food matching events, hosted dinners and unique tourism experiences.