A: The ISC is open to anyone who produces, markets or sells spirits from any country, including distillers, producers, distributors, agents, pr agencies, independent retailers, retail chains, supermarkets and wholesalers.

All spirits must be entered with the permission of the brand owners. Please check that your agent or producer has not already entered the same spirit as you.
A: The ISC accepts a wide range of spirits for tasting. To see the full list of categories available for entry click here

All spirits must be commercially available for retail, and in sufficient quantities for it to be reasonable to expect them to be available until at least early 2019. No specially prepared samples will be accepted.
A: Please refer to the list of categories which you can locate from the home page. If you have a rare or unique product and need advice, please contact the sales team:

Please contact:

Rick Beaumont on +44 (0) 1293 558130. Email: rick.beaumont@drinksint.com 
Or Jo Morley on +44 (0) 1293 590044. Email: jo.morley@drinksint.com
A: Yes, entries can be saved in your basket to be completed at a later date.
A: Discounts for multiple entries apply to online bookings only and will adjust automatically once entered.
A: Yes. Just enter further bookings in the online entry process. Discounts for multiple entries will adjust automatically.
A: Yes, simply log into your account and request for changes to be made.
A: Please send samples for judging. Full information about shipping can be found here

A: Full information about shipping can be found here.

A: UK Excise Duty is payable on all alcoholic products, irrespective of strength, with the duty varying by product type. This is governed by UK Law. Each bottle you send must be fully supported with the correct  documentation showing that UK Excise Duty has either been paid, or is due to be paid, before it is released onto the UK market. It is your responsibility to pay for UK Excise Duty and you can purchase this by selecting this option when entering the ISC online.
A: Please contact the sales team who can help and assist with your enquiry.

Please contact:
Rick Beaumont on +44 (0) 1293 558130. email: rick.beaumont@drinksint.com  
Jo Morley on +44 (0) 1293 590044. email:  jo.morley@drinksint.com
A: Entries may be cancelled up to 14 days after the booking date. After this, entry fees are non refundable.

Alternatively you may replace the replace with another product at no additional cost.

Simply log into your account and request for your entry to be cancelled. A member of the ISC team will then process your cancellation and send updated paperwork. 
A: No. All orders under £500 must be paid by credit card to enable you to complete your transaction. Any orders over this amount may be invoiced.

A: Entrants will be informed by email.

Gin & Genever
Liqueurs & Specialities
Anise Spirits
25th March 2019
Scotch Whisky
World Whiskies
27th May 2019
White Spirits
Tequila & Mezcal
24th June 2019
Rum, Cachaça
Brandy, Cognac
Armagnac, Calvados,
Pisco, Grappa
24th June 2019
Design & Packaging 24th June 2019
A: Entrants reserve the right to withhold the results from being published. Entrants must contact us within seven days of receiving notification of your results.

Please contact:
Rick Beaumont on +44 (0) 1293 558 130 or email rick.beaumont@drinksint.com.
A: The results will be published online at www.internationalspiritschallenge.com  and www.drinksint.com as well as printed in Drinks International Magazine.

Click here to see when results will be announced.
A: On request we can submit feedback from the judges notes.

Please contact:
Rick Beaumont on +44 (0) 1293 558 130 or email rick.beaumont@drinksint.com
A: Yes you can use electronic medal award artwork to showcase your success. You will be sent high resolution artwork and you can also purchase high quality stickers to help promote your products.

Medal artwork is valid for three years from date of issue.
A: When entering a spirit into a standard, premium or super premium category, please carefully check the product description. Tasting categories are not based on price point, so entrants should consider factors such as limited bottle production, quality of ingredients and the distillation process, which should determine whether a spirit is a standard, premium or super premium product.
A: Please check the description on your bottle label before entering the challenge. The entrant has the final responsibility for entering a spirit into the correct relevant sub category based on the product description.